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Saturday, 21 March 2015

{Top Korean Beauty Brands} : ❤ Etude House ❤

  Hey everyone!I have been trying to write this post for quite some time,but I'm always distracted by other things, be it a book, or a series, or just sleep. But I thought to myself, ok Aspa no more excuses! So here I am! If you remember a while ago, I started writing about my "Top Korean Beauty Brands", with that first post being about Holika Holika. Today I am going to talk to you about another major love, Etude House.

  I will not say too much about the brand, as I have talked about it in my previous haul post, but I will remind you that it produces the girliest beauty products I have seen. Besides, their motto is "Let Your Pink Out!", girly, playful, cute, 3 words that I believe can give a short but accurate description of the brand as a whole. 
  So,let's see what we got here, shall we? Now, some of the goodies you'll see in here were in my haul post, but in the meantime I got to use them, so I will add mini reviews for them.
  I will start with the hand creams, just because they are so cute. The little houses are the My Castle hand creams, they smell sooo good and also do a good job moisturising my hands. As for the little owls and baby bee, Etude launches these Missing You hand cream sets dedicated to endangered species. The owls were from the I Can Fly set, the baby bee from the Bee Happy set, and though you might find some still sold online, I believe they were limited edition. The set that is currently available includes a penguin, a panda, a pink dolphin and a seal. You have to admit, they are adorable! They all contain 30ml of product, which by the way does the job, though I will say, I don't have very dry hands.
  Moving on to lip stuff. You might recognise the Dear Darling tint from my haul post. This tint is like a jelly, it has a fresh cherry scent, it gives a beautiful colour to the lips and a light stain. The other two tints that I have are Etude's Fresh Cherry tints, and they smell what the name suggests. They are more like light creams, they apply very easily and they give a more intense colour and stain to the lips, which lasts longer than the Dear Darling Tint. They are my favourites! I have the shades Red and Hot Pink. Then, I have the 2 Minnie lipsticks that were launched with the Minnie limited edition collection a while back, a beautiful red and a girly pink, which are also quite good as lipsticks. Not too dry, not very emollient either, they have a decent performance and if they didn't, come you see the packaging?
  Did someone say blush?? That Minnie collection I mentioned above? Well, I also got the blush that came in it. Mainly for the packaging, because I'm a sucker like that, you see here it doesn't have much of a colour. If you are really pale to simply pale you can wear this as a blush, but it can be used for light eye makeup as well. The next blush, I mean the Belle one, was on my haul post, so I won't say anything much about it, except for it's awesome. The last thing here is a highlighter, that was actually given to me by dear Cel. It's called the Secret Beam Highlighter,appears to be very glittery but actually it's teeny-tiny glitter so it gives a pretty glow when applied on the skin. Notice how all these have no mirrors. I don't mind really, I never use the mirrors that come in blushes. But in case you do, these haven't got one.

  Next we have eye makeup. I have used the two Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow palettes, and I have to say that though the shadows are a bit powdery, they are very soft, also pigmented and they perform really well on the eyes. Of course for longevity you will have to use a primer underneath, but I always do anyway. The Cinderella glitter shadow I admit I still haven't used it. I have used and I adore however the Tear Eye Liner in the gold shade, which is applied on the inner corners, or as I use it, on the inner half undereye area, to give sparkle and glow to your whole look. 

  I will only say a few words about the nail polishes, as I don't have many and have already shown the kits. Their quality is really good, application a piece of cake and the colours so pretty. This lonely LUCIDarling glitter polish was also a gift from Cel and I love it.

  BB Creams,yay! The first one is an old love of mine and I've posted about it before. I use it like with a dropper, counting every ml because it's discontinued and I will weep when it ends. Then I have the Precious Mineral BB cream from the Princess Happy Ending collection. I have been using it lately and I quite like it, it applies nicely, it gives me a nice colour and lasts pretty much like any other BB cream I have tried, not too long that is. But it goes for about 4-5 hours on me with powder. Also, since this is the Blooming fit it gives kind of a dewy finish. After all, I think I will have to go for the cotton fit, since I have combination-oily skin.

  And that's it for now. I will confess that Etude House must be one of the top among my favourite brands because of the huge variety, good quality, affordable prices, and cute packaging, their products add a happy note to my beauty regimen.

What do you think about Etude House? Have you tried anything from this brand?
I hope you liked this post. Until the next one, take care!!!

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  1. Excellent post my girl!!! And of course I'm drooling for all these beauties!!! ;o))XXX

    1. Thank you,love! I feel you,it's cuteness overload ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

  2. I have some of these and I am happy with everything from Etude House in my collection. I think the Etoinette heart blusher is my favorite Etude House product I own, definately gorgeous <3

    1. How could anyone not love them,really..In a sense we are lucky we don't have access to an actual store,or I should better say our bank accounts are lucky...lmao

  3. I need a tear eyeliner for sure though

  4. Etude House is unapologetically girly! I love this brand so much and their packaging is so cute. It just makes me happy when I have their stuff around. Love this post!

    1. I'm with you!!They can brighten up a girl's mood for sure.Thank you! (*^_^*)