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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Playing with nailpolish❣

   Hello everyone!For this post I thought I'd talk to you about another one of my addictions,nailpolish and nail art. Of course I am not an expert or anything, I just love painting my nails, or should I say better, decorating them. So I am going to show you some of the nail designs I did the past couple of months,tell you what I used and maybe inspire you to do your own. We are talking about easy nail art here, so don't worry, if I can do it (beginner, clumsy, two left hands :P) you can do it, too!~(˘▾˘~)

   Let's start with one of my favourite celebrations in the world, Halloween! It's always a great nail art inspiration and I envy all those pictures on Instagram and other social media with spooky nail art designs. Since I can't do those elaborate designs though, I settle with beautiful glitters, stamping or easy freehand line drawing, lol. And of course my most beloved Halloween colour combo, which is orange, as in pumpkins, and purple.

  Nothing difficult with this one. I used a dark base, probably a black polish or a shade that almost looks like black (yes, I don't remember now lol, but it really doesn't matter, you can use any dark or blackened shade of polish). Since that night I was with my dear friend Cel from Cel's kawaii blog (whose nails you see in the bottom right pic), having a nail party, I used her Etude House glitters, which were perfect for the colour combo I was going for, plus they're Etude House...LFE hahaha 
  Staying in Halloween mood, for this next mani I included some spiderweb designs, which are super easy to do. The base colours are from essence 145 flashy pumpkin, a bright orange, and 148 prom-berry, as the name suggests it's a deep purple, on top of which I used Pahlish Slow Fade of Love and Enchanted Polish Pumpkin Gutz (you see them in the pics below).
  The next mani was one of those random inspiration moments. It was based on a pattern of a woollen jumper, and I thought ''what more appropriate for winter''? I used essence The Dawn Is Broken from a past collection called Vampire's Love, which is the grey polish with black speckles, a black polish by Erre Due no. 44, Kiko 273 the ''frosty'' glitter lol, and a plain white from a french mani kit. For the lines I used black and white nail art polishes, which have those long thin brushes. The pattern on my middle finger was done freehand with a short thin art brush and that Erre Due's black polish.
In the middle you see a shot of my right hand..Not a total mess,right?LoL
   Next up, a mani I did when Cel and I went to see Broadway's Beauty and the Beast that performed in my home city for a couple of weeks. A perfect occasion to use a nail kit I had bought and just received, by Etude House named, as you see, Belle from the Princess Happy Ending collection(I'll make a haul post about that order :D).
  The polishes are amazing and beautiful. Very easy to use, I just loved doing this mani! For the crossed lines I used a nail art tape, that I removed in the end, on my ring finger I added a rose stamping design, using a Bundle Monster plate and a deep burgundy mini polish by Borghese and for some extra bling I decorated the roses with gold glitter. The kit also has these pretty stickers which of course I had to use.
   Have I told you before winter is my favourite season? Well, now you know. So what's winter without some snowflakes? Ok, since we don't get to see much snow around here, I have to at least have some on my nails..hahaha The blue polish is a beautiful Orly one, called Royal Navy. On the ring finger I used a holo silver by 17 as base and topped it with chunky silver glitter by Golden Rose. I did the stamping with Konad's white polish and a Bundle Monster plate, added a tiny rhinestone at the centre of the big snowflakes, and the rest fingers were topped with frosty, once again, Kiko 273.
   And we come to nails of the day, as I am finishing this post with my Christmas nails! Yay, people it's Christmas Eve! And as you see below, Christmas nail art needs a bit of red, a bit of green and of course sparkle. For the red nails I used a combo that turned out exactly as I imagine a festive red to be, OPI's An Affair In Red Square topped with an essence sparkle sand effect 156 me&my lover (even the names match lol). The green is 2 layers of essence's 151 we rock the green. Add some white lines on the red nails, green rhinestones at the base and we have candy cane nails! With red rhinestones and a thin brush with white polish I designed, or at least tried to, what else..mistletoe! And tadaaaaa....
   So what do you think? I know it takes me time to do my nail art, time which I enjoy nonetheless, but I also know not everyone has it. However, it's not a hard task, doing nail art.. A little bit of practise is all it takes, and you can make your own pretty designs at home! 
   As a quick note, I use Peggy Sage Cure Express, or something like that, as basecoat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri my favourite topcoat.

I hope you liked this post and I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whatever suits you, have fun, enjoy your time with your loved ones and take care!
See you soon!!
“:♡.•♬✧⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾*+:•*∴

P.S Many thanks to darling Cel for the nailpolish donation to the fellow nailpolish junkie, i.e. me, and because she is an amazing human being! <3


  1. I love them all ^_^ We need to do another nail party soon <3

  2. This is pure art babe!!! My very best is the prelast one in blue!!!! Bravissimo!!!!

    1. Thank you Elenakiiiiiii!!And merry christmas, love!! <3

  3. how the hell are you so talented? And you dare to complain of being clumsy. I have seen the Christmas mani in real life and I love it to pieces! <3

    1. Glukouliiiiiii...Thank you for the love!! I don't think it's any special talent really, just practise. We need to have a nail party with Ceeel!! <3 <3