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Sunday, 28 December 2014

✿A Princess Beauty Haul with Etude House✿

   Hello everyone! I hope you are all having an awesome holiday season with family, friends and lots of delicious food! I am here today with a haul post for you. I have had these goodies for about a month now, so I thought it was about time to give them proper attention.
   For starters, let me tell you a few words about Etude House. It is one of the most popular Korean beauty brands, also one of the most known ones in the western world. Its main characteristic is super cute and girly packaging, like princess or sweets related collections, and a huge variety of beauty products that you just have to have, or at least if you are like me... :D! Plus, all that comes at very reasonable prices, like western drugstore brands. For a better feeling of Etude House you can visit their global site/store, see for yourselves their products and also info about the brand. Or visit the official Korean site for an amazing intro and a more complete selection of products (it's all in Korean but don't be put off by that). On a side-note I will tell you that I make my orders mostly from eBay, as the last time I checked, the official global store didn't offer all the products, especially what I was looking for, and also shipping costs were quite expensive.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Playing with nailpolish❣

   Hello everyone!For this post I thought I'd talk to you about another one of my addictions,nailpolish and nail art. Of course I am not an expert or anything, I just love painting my nails, or should I say better, decorating them. So I am going to show you some of the nail designs I did the past couple of months,tell you what I used and maybe inspire you to do your own. We are talking about easy nail art here, so don't worry, if I can do it (beginner, clumsy, two left hands :P) you can do it, too!~(˘▾˘~)