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Monday, 21 July 2014

More Memebox Fun! {Summer Box, Pore Care #2 and Mask Edition #3}

 Hello everyone! How 've you been?? I have noticed that Memebox is becoming more and more popular over the world, even here among greek beauty addicts! I have 3 boxes that I haven't showed you, so I had to make an unboxing post for them, as I am extremely impatient and already started "picking" on them. So today we talk about Memebox Superbox #23, Memebox The Mask Edition #3 and Superbox #Pore Care 2! You can call this a synchronised Memebox attack,too, as the past days two lovely blogger ladies have also written their unboxing posts, I'm talking about my sweeties Cel and Elena.

[Read in Greek]

Superbox #23 SummerMeeting

   Before I start, let me say that all 3 of these boxes were great! It's always exciting to open a box and be surprised by what's inside. And with these Memeboxes, though the theme is known, you don't know what exactly you're gonna get.
   When Superbox #23 was up on the site I didn't do much thinking! It's summer, so what's more appropriate than a summer box?! Inside I found the following products:
  • Finco UV Control Sun Block 60ml Full size product with a price of $54!! It has SPF50+ and promises to prevent skin from drying, roughening, sagging and therefore aging. It has a light texture and is suitable for all skin types.
  • WHOLIC Glutathione Whitening Essence 50ml This is the full size as well and its price is $43. If you remember on my previous post about memebox I told you Superboxes contain only full size products. This is a whitening essence but also works to give you smooth, soft and naturally glowy skin.
  • Borntree Bloom Mineral Avenue Air Fit CC 15g Probably the most exciting product in the box for me! It is a CC cream in compact form. Its price is $21 and it also has SPF38. The packaging is very pretty, too, it has a vintage feel to it.
  • CNKCOS Transformer Solution 170ml + 30ml Ok I cheated here. What you see in the photos is the final form of this product. You get 2 bottles that you mix together to get this yellow gel and of course my nerdy side took over and did the experiment right away! Anyway, this is a hydrating and soothing product, for our skin that suffers from the summer sun and heat. Original price $20.
  • Hope Girl Power Volume Mascara Waterproof 7g I didn't have any waterproof mascara, so this is a welcome addition to the family! Beautiful packaging, too! Original price $22.

That was Superbox #23 SummerMeeting!! It was sold for $32 plus shipping $6.99 for Standard shipping.

Superbox #22 Pore Care 2

   As you might remember from my previous posts, I have oily skin with pore issues. So these Pore Care boxes scream BUY ME to me. Let's see what was inside:
  • Label Young Shocking Pack 100g $29 It is a mask that clears up your pores and dissolves all dirt and oil. To be tested!
  • Grinif Ultimate Pore Silk BB Primer 15ml $60 Blimey the price!!!! Anyway, this is a primer that covers pores, fine lines and can be used alone or under foundation/BB cream. I have used it a couple of times and I quite liked it. It makes skin smooth and, as it has some colour, it evens out my skintone.
  • Cheek Room Loose Powder 11g $14 Cutest little loose powder I've seen so far!! It's translucent, it sets makeup, creates a flawless finish and also controls oiliness.
  • Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet 30ea $14 These are little sheet pads that you put on the areas you have blackheads and whiteheads and leave them on for at least 15 min. I have also tried this one or two times, and though it doesn't make blackheads disappear, it makes removing them easier.
  • Tosowoong Spot Clean Pore Brush $24 A small brush with soft bristles used for spot deep cleaning areas with blackheads and excess sebum.
  • WithMe White Perfection Foaming Cleanser 120ml $29 A foaming cleanser with silk and marine extracts, detoxifies the skin and removes oil and makeup. It also removes pore clogging impurities, refines skin texture, brightens the skin and over time minimises the look of pores.

   That was Superbox Pore Care 2!! It cost $39 plus shipping $6.99. I ordered Superboxes 22 and 23 together and I gave $52.99 because I had 22 memepoints and another $3 off from a discount code, a total of $25.. Now look at the prices of the products..Do I need to do the math for you?? :D

Memebox The Mask Edition #3

   You know I love face masks!! And because Memebox knows how popular they are as well, they make these Mask Edition boxes. Products inside #3:
  • 23YearsOld Air-laynic Pore Mask $14 It comes in this unique syringe packaging. A gel-type ampoule for tightening pores, fighting blemishes on the nose and cheeks. It's a 20-30min long home therapy.
  • Rubelli Bio Cellulose Eye Patch $12 A patch for the undereye area. Produced from fermented coconut extracts and propolis extracts. it also contains snail mucus extract, so it works to replenish and brighten up darkened and sagging skin around the eyes. The box contains 5 patches.
  • Purederm Intensive Lip Care Patch $3 One of those funny lip shaped patches to moisturise cracked and dry lips with Shea butter and cranberry extracts.
  • Purederm Pulp Mask Set 3ea $9 [Raspberry Collagen, Pearl Essence and Aloe Collagen] Sheet Masks for the sheet mask junkie!! LoL I've already used the Aloe one and I liked it!
  • Purederm Firming Lift Multi-Step V-Line Treatment 2ea $14 Ooooooh Aaahhhh Eeeehhhhh A mask for the chin-neck area....It's a two step treatment actually, as you first apply the Firming Lift Ampoule and then the Gel patch which contains collagen and ginkgo leaf extracts.
  • Dewytree Gold Hydro-Gel Mask 3ea $14 This is the first gel type mask I've seen so far..It is also the first two-piece mask I've tried. It's soothing, moisturising, detoxifying and lifting. What's more, after using it on your face, it says you can melt it in hot water and use it as moisturising body essence...Wish I'd read that before I used and threw away the first one!

This box cost $23 plus shipping $6.99. I liked how it has something for the eyes and lips as well, besides the face masks!

That's it with today's unboxing post! What did you think of these boxes?? What do you think of Memebox?? Are you still not convinced to try one??
See you soon! ! !


  1. All of them are excellent (not that I didn't expect that). I should have ordered the Mask one too aaaargh!!!

    1. As expected from memebox,right??You can always get the next edition :D

  2. Awesome boxes... I have only try the office essentials!!!
    many kisses