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Monday, 2 June 2014

Unboxing fun with Memebox!!!

  Hello again!!I have to admit, I'm a Memebox junkie. This May must have been dedicated to Memebox, as 6 boxes found their way into my arms (Ok, irrelevant moment of the day: Into my Arms, a great song by Nick Cave). If you don't know what Memebox is you can check out my first p o s t about it, where I also showed 2 of the first boxes I got this month and the first I had received a couple of months ago.
  Today I'm going to show you Memebox #10, Mini #2 and Superbox #8 and #12! Let's get straight to unboxing, 'cause this might be a long post! :P

[Read in Greek]

Memebox Global #10

  This is one of the regular Memeboxes and as such it cost $23 plus $6.99 for shipping. However, I had 10 memepoints when I ordered it so I only paid $19.99 for it! As you can see, the box was jam-packed with goodies and if you ask me, totally worth it! 
  Inside there was the usual info card, always helpful if you don't know Korean and can't understand how to use the products (I can only read the Korean alphabet and I know very few words and expressions, but definitely cannot understand product descriptions! :D) Onto the products now:
   1. Atopalm Moisturising Eye Repair Serum 15ml Full size product, a hydrating eye serum, that helps fight visible signs of ageing around the eyes. (Original price $49)
   2. Dewytree Ginseng Nutritious Black Mask 30g A sheet mask for deep nourishment and relaxation for exhausting skin,while being soothing,brightening and tightening. I love sheet masks and I also haven't tried a black mask yet! (Original price $4)
   3. Caolion MooL PooL Deep Cleansing 75ml On the card it says this is the full size, but I searched on GMarket (the Korean eBay) and the full size is 160ml and costs around 22. Anyway, this is a face cleanser which works like cleansing oils, meaning you apply it directly on your face, massage a little bit and then wash off. (Original price according to card $19)
   4. Mise en scène Curling Essence 2X 150ml A hair product finally!Full size product, this is a hair essence for beautiful curls. (Original price $14)
   5. Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB SPF30 5ml Maybe my favourite thing in this box!This is a sample of this very interesting BB cream by Hanskin. It has a dropper, as it follows the concept of an ampoule (aka serum/essence type of product). The full size bottle is 35ml and costs around $45 (also checked on GMarket)
   6. Actigen Multi-Action Smart Cream Gel 70ml Full sized product, a moisturising cream and whitening & anti-ageing essence in one. Sounds interesting and was extremely hard to find on Google in English, or on e-shops. I could only find it in Korean on Naver Blogs. (Original price on card $59)

Memebox Mini #2

  This is another Memebox concept,a mini box which only cost $15 including shipping. Products included:
   1. LALANC Nail Stickers x3 Very pretty and cute nail stickers!!I often like using stickers for my mani. The price on the card is wrong ($39 must be wrong :P),so I searched on google and again I could only find them on Korean blogs and I think they cost about 4.200 won each.
   2. Kocostar Nail Therapy Like a mask for your nails!!For strong nails and soft cuticles. (Price on card $24. I found the korean version on GMarket,with a different packaging, sold for 16.500 won,around 12.50 euros)
   3. TonyMoly Delight Moly Tint Yes yes yes!!I wanted to get a TonyMoly tint,so great chance to try them out!!This is a lip tint,but this kind of tints can be used on the cheeks as well. This is a sample. Full size product contains 9ml. (Original price about $4)
   4. Goodal Repair Plus Essential Oil 15ml This is a hydrating and nourishing oil for skin,nails and hair.It is a sample. The full size product is 100ml. (Original price on card $67, on eBay seller RubyRuby76 $46.49)
   5. Caolion MooL PooL Deep Cleansing 75ml  This was also in Memebox #10, and some boxes had an alternative 5th product, a CNP Laboratory Cleansing Water. Anyway, I don't mind having a second :D

Superbox #8 by Missha

  Missha is one of my favourite brands, no doubt!When I saw they launched this box I was like "Get it!!Now!".The price of the box was $49+$6.99shipping,but memepoints are always a good thing,I paid almost no shipping! Here's what was inside (note that all products are full size since this is a Superbox):
   1. Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream 47ml A moisturising cream to provide hydration to the skin all year long. (Original price on card $34.On eBay ~$21)
   2. Procure Intensive Repairing Treatment 150g A hair treatment rich in vitamins, keratin and amino acid capsules,to restore damaged hair. (Original price ~$8)
   3. The Style 4D Mascara 7g Yay!!Missha Makeup!I have only tried their Perfect Cover BB from their makeup products.This is one of their bestselling mascaras. (Original price ~$5)
   4. M Luminous High Lasting Lip Gloss SPF 10 5.5g A very cute lip gloss,comes with nice packaging and in a cute, girly light pink colour. (Original price $16)
   5. Signature Real Complete BB Cream 20g Always excited to try out new BB creams! This is the small version of 20g, but you can find this on eBay as well. (Original price ~$10 for 20g and ~$16 for 45g)
   6. The Style Under Eye Brightener 6g A liquid-type concealer that can be used for the under eye area, as well as on other dark spots and blemishes. (Original price ~$5)

Superbox #12 Free from Oil&Troubles 2

I have told you again that my skin type is oily and I also had skin troubles before. So everything targeted towards oily skin and acne treatments calls my name :D.This box cost $32+$6.99 for shipping,but with 5 memepoints and a discount code I spent $28.99. List of products included (again this is Superbox,so all full size):
   1. Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Asiatica Ampoule 100ml An ampoule that will take care of skin troubles and help maintain the right moisture/oil balance in your skin. Used as a toner or mixed with your moisturiser. Very interesting, big bottle! (Original price on card $45. I have found it for less on GMarket and KoreaDepart.BUT note that those sites have heavy shipping costs,so actual cost would be equal or even higher)
   2. Skin1004 Cocoon Facial Care 100g A cleansing soap that helps tighten enlarged pores, control excess sebum and remove blackheads and dead skin cells. Has very good reviews on the memebox site! I'll have to see what it does :) (Original price ~$27)
   3. LJH Doctor's Care Facial Mask Sheet Tea Tree 2pcs  More sheet masks!!Super!I know that many people don't like the smell of tea tree but I don't mind it,and it has helped me a lot anyway. So however this masks smell I know I'm going to enjoy using them :) (Original price $6)
   4. Secret Key Honey Bee's AC Control Spot Remover 15ml A spot treatment enriched with honey bee propolis extracts. I'm going to try this on occasional spots/blemishes! (Original price on card $23 but as little as $9 on eBay, but not from one of my trusted selllers)
   5. Welcos Aloe Vera Moisture Real Soothing Gel 150ml A classic Aloe Vera gel, enriched with 98% Aloe Vera extracts. Multifunctional, too!! (Original price $3)

  Now let me explain something about the prices. I did a bit of research on them,in case anyone was interested in the individual products. The prices on the cards are from the memeshop. I find that the products there are indeed overpriced! However, many of these were extremely hard or impossible to find elsewhere, with small exceptions the few ones I could find on eBay. And as for the ones I could find on GMarket and KoreaDepart, yes maybe they were listed cheaper there, but those sites have expensive shipping costs. By that I mean,for e.g GMarket has a minimum of around 16 dollars for orders up to 0.5 kg. KoreaDepart follows a similar charging method. Plus they have a more complex weight and cost evaluation system, and many product descriptions and options are only in Korean. I'm telling you these to get to my point: Do I think memeboxes are worth the money???BIG YES!!As opposed to the memeshop,the memeboxes are an amazing bargain for what you get. Plus, none of them has disappointed me so far!

  Phew..that was for now!Hope you liked this post!Personally I find Unboxings very exciting and always enjoy reading or watching videos about them!!

See you soon! xoxo

P.S: I have to mention this because it impressed me. All products are safely packaged with hygiene in mind!So the Missha cream for e.g has a little spatula, and the tubes have a little foil cover under the cap, to avoid spilling or oxidisation.
P.S.2:These boxes were ordered throughout March and April,not all together.

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  1. Wow , i never buy memebox
    I think i should buy one ,they're all amazing
    Nice post

    1. Thank you for reading and for your comment!Yes,memebox is great :)
      Joined your blog :D

  2. I want them. I want them all. Just got No11 today and it is lovely and I think I want every single Memebox out there, I am completely obsessed. The mask doesn't smell too much like tea tree I was ok with it.
    From the ones you show I think I like No10 the most actually!

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    ομμμ ομμμ ομμμ

    υποφερω, τα θελω ολα. Κολλας με αυτα τα ατιμα τα κορεατικα

    1. Κι εγώ μαζί.. οομμμμ οοομμμμμ
      Άσε Ελενάκι,καταστροφή λέμε :D

  4. Τι τέλεια κουτάκια που πήρες.. Το τελευταίο θα ήταν τέλειο και για μένα :)

    1. S'euxaristw!Einai uperoxa ta koutakia auta!