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Friday, 20 June 2014

Banila Co. Clean It Zero

  Hey all!!I'm baaack!!I'm finally done with my German exams and enjoying freedom from studying.
For this post I decided to do a review of a product I have since April and have been using on and off since then. It is the Banila Co. Clean It Zero cleansing sherbet.
   This is the first cleanser of this type that I am using. Up until now I removed my makeup with cleansing wipes, Bioderma, cleansing oil or simply a gel cleanser. I had read a lot about cleansing balms so I was intrigued to try one. I chose this one from Banila Co. although it's not exactly a balm because it kept popping up and it looked really interesting! I guess I could start with a classic balm, more easily available here, like The Body Shop's Camomile balm or Clinique's Take The Day Off, but as in many other cases I turned to the wonderful world of Korean beauty products.

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  To start off, the packaging it comes in is adorable, very girly! It contains 180ml which, let me tell you, is going to last me some time! The container is sturdy plastic, so even if I drop it it's not going to break. When you open it there is a cute spatula, always a plus for hygiene, and a protective plastic lid. The cleanser itself is amazing! It has a very subtle pleasant scent, barely noticeable. Now the texture is something new to me..It is almost like butter, but much thinner, and once it touches your skin it melts into an oil. It feels really comfortable on the skin, and it removes makeup very well, even some hard to remove mascaras (I do not know about waterproof mascaras though, cause I don't like them so I never use them) and most importantly without any irritation to the skin or the eyes. I can be sure of that 'cause I've even had some product going into my eyes while removing eye makeup and I didn't feel anything!
  Normally, my main concern with anything skincare is if they cause oiliness, because I already have my own, I need no extra, thank you!! :D This cleanser however causes none!! After washing it off, the skin remains soft, hydrated with no sign of oil! And to the main part: Does it really cleanse? Yeap, it does!!To test it out I have tried Bioderma, Avene Cleanance Water and also my Thayer's toner with a cotton pad and I found no makeup residue. If you want deaper cleansing however, you can follow up with a cleanser of your choice, for example I have Apivita's Creamy Foam Cleanser with Lavender and Olive.
   Just a quick note here: Cleansing sherbets are not uncommon in korean beauty brands, many companies have launched one, like TonyMoly, 3 Concept Eyes, Mizon and of course Banila Co. Sherbets are simply a less messy substitute for cleansing oils, and they are used at the first step of a typical skincare routine. If you don't know about a typical korean skincare routine it's worth checking out, even if you think it's too much, it can be something to consider. 
  I had bought Banila Co. Clean It Zero from Gmarket with a discount coupon for 13,750 Won, which is about 10 euros, its price is about 25,000 Won($25~18 Euros) for the 180ml and it's the original type in a special edition packaging. But you can also find it on eBay for about $25 for 100ml (the extra 80ml on mine are part of the special edition). The other 3 available types are Radiance, Resveratrol and Purity for sensitive skin.

How it performs

  Have you ever used a cleansing balm or sherbet or oil??Would you try out a sherbet cleanser if you haven't already?What do you think of Clean It Zero?Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!!

'Till the next post!! xoxo  ƪ(‾.‾“)┐

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