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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My korean BB creams! Pt.2: Lioele and Skinfood

 Hello again!It is morning as I start writing this.I don't do mornings normally. I don't like them.. I'm a nightowl!! However,instead of being in a grumpy "I-hate-people" kinda mood,I'm feeling rather cutesy lovey dovey etc,hence the state of the photos in this post..Bare with me peeps  :D
  Today I am going to show you the next couple of  BB creams as Part 2 of "My Korean BB creams and a closer look!" series.
  In the previous post I talked about Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream and Etude House BB Magic Cream which are my 2 favourites!Today I am going to show you the Triple the Solution BB Cream by Lioele and the Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream by Skinfood.

 You can find Part 1 h e r e !

Ok, let's take a look (^_^ )

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream,50ml, SPF 30

Say hi to my little assistant :P
  In the world of girly and cute packaging,I think this one is no stranger.First of all the brand sign reminds of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage!I kept the box that the BB cream comes in,just like I do for almost all the korean products that I own,just because asian brands are hands down masters at packaging!The box is a pretty pink with a gold criss-cross pattern, and the tube follows a similar pattern with white and hot pink colours and a gold iridescence(seen against the light). It has a pump,for easier use,and overall it is very pretty but not over the top.
  Onto the BB Cream now.In terms of consistency,it is quite creamy,but applies really smooth. On the tube it says "..makes your skin moist, as yogurt and hyaluronic acid supply moisture and nutrition". I can't really tell about the nutrition part,but it is indeed moisturising.I also used this BB when I was doing my acne therapy,which dries out your skin, and I liked it!Triple the Solution I think is of the most moisturising among my BB creams.
   It has a really good scent as well,although it confuses me..I think it's floral but then again I might be wrong. :D If you don't like scented products at all(meaning you want no smell at all)then you should keep that in mind. The colour is beige..Not yellow,not pink just neutral beige (best way I can describe it :P). It is quite light,like most BBs that come in one shade only,but it doesn't make me look like a ghost (I am NW20 in MAC). Another big plus is that I never noticed any oxidisation after a long day of wearing it. And as I've said in Part 1 of this series, I do have some loooong days.Triple the Solution performs decently,not causing breakouts.
  This BB cream also has an SPF 30,along with whitening and wrinkle care factors. I have to mention here,I don't think that I ever saw an asian BB cream not having those last two. Apart from that,sun protection is always a plus in makeup, especially when you live in a mostly sunny country like me.
   When I use this BB,I have to use powder,because I want a matte finish for my skin,and it leaves a dewy finish instead. One thing I could say as a tiny negative,is that it doesn't set as fast as I'd like it to,I think it's because of the moisturising factors. However, it doesn't disappear during the day,unless all you do is touch your face :P You will notice some fading though,which is normal. And when I remove it at night I notice that my skin feels really soft!Let's see some swatches,shall we ladies? :D

If you're interested,you can check on eBay t h i s .

Skinfood Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB, 30g, No.2

Quite a long name right?Well,it's not accompanied by a huge tube though :D
  As you can see in Skinfood's site here, there is a line of Good Afternoon BB Creams,and I bought this specific one,for oily skin. It is quite interesting as each one caters for a different need.
  Packaging-wise,it came in a cute yet simple paper box,which sadly I threw away when I got it. The tube is a simple plastic tube and one of the first things I will notice about it is that it doesn't have a pump! However, the opening is small enough,for the product to be dispensed without issues of spilling too much or getting it out with difficulty.
  The BB cream has a pleasant smell kind of like peaches,but not a natural peach scent for sure.I like scented products so I don't mind it.Besides it's not overpowering at all. The consistency of this BB is light creamy and it blends out well.Having had some experience with BB cream shades before I bought this one, I decided to get the shade no.2 worrying that no.1 would be too light for me.It leans towards the pink undertones category,in my eyes I dare say it has light peachy undertones(I see peaches everywhere ^_^). It is just right,I believe people with slightly darker skintones than mine can use this,too.As it doesn't oxidise on me,there is no risk of it getting darker either.
  This Skinfood BB cream offers light sun protection with SPF20,which is really not enough for sunny Greek days especially as summer approaches.Although it claims to have oil control properties,you might be guessing right,powder is my best friend!Not because the BB cream doesn't perform well on that field,but because it's my thing!I like matte skin,I like to add the shine wherever and whenever I want each their own you know..However, I do notice that before I apply my powder and as the cream sets on the skin,it leaves a semi-matte finish.
  Does it perform well in long days,too??Hmm I'd say quite well. Although,when I wear it for many hours,sometimes (not always) I feel it kind of "weighing" on my skin.It doesn't make me feel uncomfortable or itchy and I didn't notice any acne breakouts with it,but there are sometimes that I'm just glad to take it off!Of course you could say that's simply because I've been wearing makeup for 15 hours. :D
  Finally, a few things that would make me totally love this BB: Adding a pump,a bigger tube(50 ml would be ideal), higher SPF.

That's an air bubble ^_^

You can buy this BB Cream from here or here (eBay sellers I trust). Prices don't differ much.

That's it for Part2!!Thank you for reading and I hope you found my post helpful!! xoxo


  1. Πάρα πολύ ωραίο ποστ!!!! και η Lioele δείχνει να έχει πολύ καλή απόχρωση και να απλώνεται πολύ καλά!
    Τώρα που το λες όντως θυμίζει την άμαξα της Σταχτοπούτας!!!!!! :-)

    1. Σ'ευχαριστώ!
      Ναι,είναι και ροζ οπότε καταλαβαίνεις :D

  2. From this 2 I think I would like to try the Lioele one.And yeah I love scented products so for me it is a plus ;)

    1. Yeah,overall from this 2 I like the Lioele one better indeed. I feel snif makeup too,right?I'm not just a weirdo for that,am I? lol

  3. That Lioele one needs to be mine. As for Skin Food I read a post a few years back about it having some harmful ingredient in some cosmetics (for the life of me I cannot remember where) and to be honest I have stopped using the brand since then just in case. Which is a shame because they have some really interesting products.

    1. It'd really be a shame!!They have so many things I'd like to try...I'll try looking it up though.Thanx love!!! :)

  4. Asian BB creams are the best! I own the lioele one myself and loooove it!i got half the company I work for hooked on this stuff! I love the way you write, can't wait for the next post! x x x

    1. Aww thank you so much sweetie!!! Yes,Asian BB creams are addiction!
      Well,I'll do my best ^_^

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    1. Thank you!I followed you back!!
      Thanks for the kind words,too! ^_^

  6. Έχω πάρει λίγες παραπάνω από όσες χρειάζομαι αλλά νομίζω έχει λίγο χώρο στο συρτάρι μου για μια lioele :P

    1. Πάντα υπάρχει κι άλλος χώρος για καλλυντικά!!! :D