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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Μy Skin79 BB Creams

  Oh boy..the heatwaves started coming (huge summer anti-fan here) and my German exams are approaching..Say "Panic" with me!! o_o

  So here I am again,with another post about...guess what....BB Creams!!For this last part of My BB Creams series,I'm going to talk to you about 3 different types of the same (almost) BB..It's the Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm,the Hot Pink one,the UV Interception one and the VIP Gold Collection one. Just a small note here, about the name: Beblesh Balm...I've read that they "created" this word because someone had trademarked "Blemish Balm"..I love Koreans and their use of English, and no, I do not mean that in a derogatory way!!! ^_^

  So let's take a look!!

(For Greek click h e r e)

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Memebox: A Korean Beauty Box

  Hello again! Instead of finishing with the last part of "My korean BB Creams" series of posts,I decided to talk to you today about one of my latest addictions.This post is a bit overdue but I have been sick and dropping dead (asleep) was the most successful thing I could do these past few days. :D
  Maybe you are new to beauty boxes like me,maybe you are not.To tell you the truth,there are so many things on my wishlist that I just couldn't find a reason to delve into the subscription box mania! I still don't know well all of the ones available here in Greece(and now I have a better reason not to). From the few things that I found out however,nothing had caught my eye. Then someday I was informed about Memebox and life changed..especially by getting me closer to being broke at the end of each month!!lol 
  Memebox is a korean beautybox,which has also released the Memebox Global version. It is not exactly a subscription box, meaning that you buy each box after it is released and for as long as supplies last. Currently they ship to 32 countries,Greece included (Yayyy!). If you subscribe via email they will inform you every time a new box gets out. You can find more information on Memebox by visiting their site
  Before we get to the box itself, just a few details. I have received 3 boxes so far and they all arrived without issues. You pre-order the boxes.What that means is simply that you buy a specific box(es) before the set shipping date,which is clearly stated for each of them. So far,by the time that day comes most of them are sold out. Actually, most memeboxes are sold out a few days after they are launched..But some of them may be restocked once more. Overall, there are several types of boxes: the standard Memebox, Superbox, Luckybox, Mini, Naked box and the most recent additions Scentbox and Colorbox. Prices vary according to the type, e.g. the mini costs $15, shipping included, the standard Memebox costs $23 and shipping, if you choose Standard, is $6.99 [Note: Memebox ships with EMS]. Just visit the site and let your eyes feast on the awesomeness!
  If you are intrigued by korean beauty products and you want to get to try some, Memebox is a perfect solution for that! If you are a fan,lover or an addict like me,then fair warning, proceed at your own bank account's risk!! :P

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My korean BB creams! Pt.2: Lioele and Skinfood

 Hello again!It is morning as I start writing this.I don't do mornings normally. I don't like them.. I'm a nightowl!! However,instead of being in a grumpy "I-hate-people" kinda mood,I'm feeling rather cutesy lovey dovey etc,hence the state of the photos in this post..Bare with me peeps  :D
  Today I am going to show you the next couple of  BB creams as Part 2 of "My Korean BB creams and a closer look!" series.
  In the previous post I talked about Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream and Etude House BB Magic Cream which are my 2 favourites!Today I am going to show you the Triple the Solution BB Cream by Lioele and the Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream by Skinfood.

 You can find Part 1 h e r e !

Ok, let's take a look (^_^ )

Sunday, 4 May 2014

My korean BB creams and a closer look!

Hello everyone!!
My first ever blog post!Yaaay!
   I was thinking what I should start with and the first thing that came to mind has to do with my biggest beauty passion ever!!As you will find out,I am a big, no wait, HUGE fan of Korean cosmetics. Actually I am addicted, I want them all!! lol
   So,for this series of posts,I wanted to start with the products I first came in contact with,which are none other than the Korean BB creams.You all know,you have heard and many of you have used BB creams by now. There are gazillions of blog posts and Youtube videos out there talking about them,explaining what a BB cream is. Long story short,a BB cream is a skincare product,with various benefits like whitening, anti-aging factors and/or UV protection,but they also offer from light to medium coverage,as a foundation would. When I started looking into the BB cream frenzy about a year ago, one of the things I found often said or written was that nothing beats Asian BB creams and especially the Korean ones. My friend Smug(aka Myrona-love ya!!) also suggested the Skin79 Super+ BB, the hot pink one, which she had used and liked!And that's how it all began :D FYI,my skin is oily and I used to have mild acne,but my dermatologist helped with that and nowadays my skin behaves well. BB cream is my daily go-to base product for my make-up. Truth is I haven't used my foundations in quite a few months now!
   What you see in the photo above is my current collection of BB creams,some bought for the 1st time and some I have repurchased. I decided instead of talking about all of them in one post, I will give you a closer look to a couple of them at a time! Much easier for me,too!Hehe :P Ok,here goes!

Find the Greek version h e r e